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Fractional Ownership Real Estate Trends in Mexico

The advantage of owning a fractional interest in Mexican real estate at a resort destination is you get to share ownership of a five star vacation home property with other like minded families or individuals who share in the costs and maintenance.

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What Kind of People Buy Real Estate in Mexico?

Owning real estate establishes a base camp. Youthful tourists are enraptured by the charm of Mexico; many have inherited real estate. Mature visitors retire in Mexico; they deeply appreciate enduring emotional warmth. They purchase a house to extend the pleasure. Vulnerable elderly expatriates make Mexico their permanent home. They find peace in a country, which honors the aged with profound dignity and kindness.

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Several Property Management Options for Real Estate in Mexico

Real estate buyers develop fewer thoughts of long-term care than when purchasing a horse or a yacht. However, what property management for real estate in Mexico? How do I proceed in obtaining care for a dwelling in Mexico? Are there local real estate management companies?

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Considering Rental Property Ownership Near Lake Chapala, MX

Lake Chapala, in the State of Jalisco and just south east of Guadalajara, stretches about 60 miles. The south, east and west sides of the lake are dotted with native villages, but the north side is an English speaker’s paradise. There are several communities within Ajijic and Chapala.

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