Several Property Management Options for Real Estate in Mexico

Several Property Management Options for Real Estate in Mexico

Real estate buyers develop fewer thoughts of long-term care than when purchasing a horse or a yacht. However, what property management for real estate in Mexico? How do I proceed in obtaining care for a dwelling in Mexico? Are there local real estate management companies? Will they email me an update? How high are their fees? Are they reliable? Will my property be safe? Although, these are valid questions, welcome to another era and to another culture where social and business matters are handled differently than past experiences.

Real Estate Management

English speakers who live elsewhere manage the most reliable and experienced real estate management companies in Mexico. The real estate management group secured a reputable quality crew after investing years to establish themselves. Naturally, they are available only in larger cities. Nevertheless, the original option of absentee home care is still very much alive and well in Mexico and has many advantages.

Hire Reliability, not a Company

Most transient residents who own real estate in Mexico do not use a company, expatriates use word-of-mouth and hires a mature couple to manage the residence. Typically, the couple has a live-in room or two in the home. The partners will treat the entire estate like it was their own, because they share the space with their contractors. Homeowners who hire domestic help are thought of as patrons, not as employers. Patrons are honored and cared for like royalty in their homes. Their children or grandchildren are admired and cherished. Additionally, Mexico is not a union rule environment. The people who live in the home will do anything they are asked to do and probably a whole lot more.

People from North America often spend the end of their lives living as expatriates in a level of elegance nonexistent in the US today. As a result, lavish estates are not a burden in Mexico. Loyal employees will keep it spotless and in perfect repair for a small outlay. They will help prepare meals, do the shopping, repair vehicles, clean the pool, schedule septic or water tank cleaning, and care for the landscaping. They may do it in a manner that is different from the patron’s approach, usually using more labor, and taking longer, but domestic employees who live in are not paid by the hour so it matters not to the homeowner.

House Sitters Galore!

With lovely vistas, a mild climate, and respect for mature tourists, Mexico has long been a haven for widows. Some want to live in a lavish home like they only dreamed of during married life in the USA. Others simply want to spend discretionary money on travel costs, while cutting living expenses nearly to zero. These wise ladies travel all over Mexico house sitting. Most will water plants, care for pets, oversee housekeeping staff, manage postal errands and other needs requested by the absent homeowner. Each medium-sized town has an Internet site that connects English-speaking people for these purposes. Home trading is common between these property owners, as is inviting house sitters in while owners are traveling.


Homeowners, tourists, or renters all take part in evenings spent outside on Mexican verandas or patios. They are often discussing each couple or individuals’ discovered treasure in the country of Mexico. Each of these retired people appreciates the quality of workmanship in the real estate, which is simply not available north of the border. Historic homes, built in the 1700-1800s are offered to any who appreciates permanence. It is not uncommon for expatriates to own several homes in Mexico and simply visit relatives in the USA from time to time. The upkeep on lavish homesteads in Mexico is minimal compared to stateside prices. The cost of utilities, lawn care, and repairs is often 50%-67% less than in the USA. The same is true for insurance and property taxes. However, the property values continue to appreciate.


Regardless if your property needs are for a mansion, estate, home, or a condominium, hospitable Mexican people are ready to meet your needs. They are willing and able to care for your home in all ways required. 

Written by 2Casa Mexico Expert:  Dr. Jacqueline Zaleski Mackenzie, author, speaker, and social scientist, is author of Empowering Spanish Speakers and other books to help understand the Latino culture. She has a BS and MS in business and an EdS and PhD in bilingual and special education and sociocultural studies. She lives in a native village in Central Mexico where she researches the Mexican culture.