Lloyd Real Estate Ajijic - FAQ


Yes, you will have to pay the Transfer Tax (2%) of the appraised value. This will be included in the Notary’s fees. Also if you have set up a bank trust, the bank selected will charge certain annual fees to administer your trust.

YES. However, we can help you choose a Notario. If you are the buyer the Notario will ascertain that the property you are purchasing is free from any encumbrances. (Including Taxes due) Also, he will issues the corresponding property title and register the property in the Public Register’s office.

A “Notario Publico” is a lawyer, authorized by the state government to act in all legal manners pertaining to all closing or sales of Real Estate property. They collect the taxes due on the sale of the property, certifying all legal documents etc.

No. It will be in the bank’s name, but held in a trust issued in your name.

Since you cannot directly own property within the Restricted Zone area mentioned above, you must appoint a Mexican bank of your choice, to act as 'Trustee' for the property you are buying.

Yes, however you must use a bank trust if you wish to purchase any property within the “Restricted Zone”: 100 KMS (62 miles) from the border, or 50 KMS (31 miles from the coast). There is no need for a bank trust when buying property outside the “Restricted Zone”. The only requirement, is a prior permit issued on your behalf by the Federal Government.

As the seller you only pay the Real Estate commission and if applicable Capital Gains.

It depends on the sales value and the length of time that you have held the property in your name.

Commissions vary depending on whether the property is a house / condo or a lot, and depending on the sales value. Please check with a sales associate to find out what commission applies to your property.

Absolutely! Give us a call or complete this form and we will help. Our attorneys can also help you with the legal process in dealing with your mexican inheritance.


Yes there is. We will conduct market research based on your properties location and specifications.

We work with realtors all over Mexico and gladly refer you. If they cannot help you, our team will do additional research for you.

Owners cannot add their listings directly, but we are happy to assist you in selling your home. You know your home the best and we will work with you to present your property in the best fashion possible, not only on our web site, but all our marketing vehicles.